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Do you know what's underneath those old fillings?

Amalgam fillings typically last 5-10 years. They stop the progression of cavities when they are placed. Over time, the edges of the filling chip and wear away resulting in leakage of oral fluids into the tooth. Since amalgam fillings are not directly bonded to the tooth, cavity travels along the filling to the deepest part of the tooth and often undetected by X-rays. They can cause the tooth to become weak and crack. Unfortunately, this all happens without any symptoms of pain. Occasionally, teeth become sensitive due to leakage of the filling and often left untreated.

Waiting until pain begins often results in the cavity entering the nerve resulting and the need for a root canal. Replacing the amalgam filling with a long lasting bonded ceramic will often prevent further major dental treatment.


 Cavity travels along the filling to the deepest part of the tooth and often undetected by X-rays.


 Why do CEREC?

Cerec 3D offers many advantages for both the patient and the doctor. Patients spend much less time in the dental office, multiple appointments become single appointment and patients are anesthetized only for one visit. Dental restorations are much more esthetic and more compatible with surrounding tissues. The doctor now has complete control of the design process and allows for customization "on the fly" resulting in better looking and longer lasting dental restorations.



Advantages of Cerec vs Traditional Restorations

  • One appointment crowns and restorations. What used to take multiple appointments can now be done in one.
  • Less drilling of the tooth. Sound tooth structure can now be saved instead of grinding the tooth down to a peg for a traditional crown.
  • No temporaries to wear that can come off.
  • Restorations proven to last as long as gold crowns, the standard in dentistry for decades.
  • Strong, metal free, solid tooth colored ceramic blends with natural tooth.


Before                                                                                                            After







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