Ronald S. Noriesta, D.D.S.
Creating Beautiful Smiles

Meet the Team


        Rosie                                                Reina          


Rosa - DA                                   Andrea - DA


                               Brandy - RDH                                Renee - RDH                                   Lisa - RDH                        

The Business Team consists of Rosie and Reina. They handles all finance, management, schedules, insurance filings and more. If they can't answer your insurance related question, they will do everything possible to get an answer for you. The Dental Assistants are Rosa and Andrea. They handle your questions and concerns before a procedure. Their one-on-one relationship with you and the doctor helps maintain a positive treatment environment. Your comfort is always a top priority. The Dental Hygienists consists of Brandy, Reneé and Lisa. They assist the doctor with dental health care needs, review patient medical history, educate patients about their oral hygiene, perform preventive prophylaxis and periodontal therapy. We want our patient's visit to be the most comfortable and satisfying dental experience they have ever had.


                                                                  We look forward to seeing you during your appointment.






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